I first realized how much I love teaching others when I had a friend slide into my DMs and say “Hey I love your photography work, can we meet for coffee and catch up?!” My first thought was heck yeah! We met and talked photography and life for almost three hours. I felt so alive teaching her what I knew that day (which was a little over three years ago). Spoiler alert: she now has a booming photography business and we are super close friends. 

I can't wait to meet you and help you grow your photography business! I am all about helping others succeed and fully believe that there is enough success for everyone. Starting and continuing a photog business aint easy by any means, but I want to help you learn what I have along the way. If you don’t see an option here that works for you, but you want to learn from me PLEASE still reach out. I want to meet you and help you!



+ 30 Min consultation call

+ 1 hour shoot with a couple 

+ 2 hour mentor session before or after

+ You'll get to see me shooting in real time and will also get photos to use for your portfolio


couples shoot and edit together (3+ hours)


+ 30 Min consultation call

+ 2 Hour virtual mentor session

+ Typical topics discussed: posing,
marketing, workflow, pricing, etc.

 ONE 2 hour session


TWO 2 hour sessionS

+ 30 Min consultation call

+Two 2 hour virtual mentor sessions

+ Deep dive into your business (e.g. 
looking at your website, pricing guides, etc.)

+ Typical topics discussed: all mentioned
 above in addition to looking your website, instagram, and offering advice





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Tell me if this is you- you maybe got a DSLR camera as a gift and don’t know how to use it? or maybe you trying to teach yourself how to use your camera, but feeling overwhelmed? Orrrr you just started in photography, but don’t feel comfortable shooting in manual mode OR you’re still shooting in auto?! If so, I have the course for you ALL ABOUT MANUAL MODE! You’ll learn how to shoot in manual. You’ll also learn about lighting, white balance, composition and how to take your photos to the next level, all about camera gear, AND you’ll get to see me edit some photos! You’ll also get a workbook/ photography cheat sheet and access to a private facebook group with other people learning with ya to keep you accountable and get feedback. SO WHATCHA WAITING FOR?

manual mode course

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Maybe you already have a photography business or really any type of business, but you are holding yourself back. You know you have the potential to be successful, but you’re letting fear come in the way of that success. Or maybe you want to start a business, but haven’t yet because of that fear. Or maybe it’s not fear that’s holding you back, but a lack of good habits, motivation, or purpose in your business. If any of this sounds like you, I have the course for you ALL ABOUT MASTERING YOUR BUSINESS MINDSET! I use my counseling background to help entrepreneurs tackle negative thoughts, beliefs, fears, etc. so they can reach their full potential. You’ll also get access to a workbook that will follow the course and a facebook group filled with other entrepreneurs taking the class to keep us all accountable. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA THERE!

The Mindset  course

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“There will never be enough words to describe how wonderful Bri is as a photographer and person. Her professionalism and personality is unmatched! From the start I loved how spunky and fun she was through social media and she truly is that way in person! Bri is so helpful and and extremely responsive throughout the whole wedding planning period, which added such relief through a stressful time. She will far exceed your expectations when getting photos back in such a timely manner and so many photos at that!!!


Bri was an amazing photographer to partner with for both our engagement and wedding day photos! We really cannot recommend her enough. She helped us loosen up and captured us in the moment. Bri is a master of the golden hour glow and knows how to setup amazing shots. On top of it all, she is a true joy to be around and brought calm, positive energy to our wedding day.


“Bri is truly SO excited for her couples. She makes sure they have the best day, while still getting stunning pictures that last a lifetime. She was the wedding day vibes we all want while being organized and professional. She was amazing at giving direction when needing to keep things on task and made a point to get all the pictures we wanted. We will forever be grateful for her and the beautiful pictures that will forever be some of our sweetest keepsakes. She is a must hire!!!”


“Not only were they so professional throughout the process, they were absolutely a blast to work with, making us laugh when necessary, telling our awkward selves what to do for posing.. they just made sure we were having fun no matter what. And she will hit the dance floor with you and be in the moment, making the experience that much more special! The sneak peek she sent us left us in tears and you basically will feel as if you are reliving that moment when you receive them, because that raw emotion can be felt through the screen!"


Bri was by far the absolute best investment we made for our wedding! She shot both our engagement and wedding photos and I couldn't imagine them any other way. Not only did she capture beautiful memories we will cherish for a lifetime, but she is such a sweet, genuine person and we had a blast with her every step of the way! I never thought i'd have so much fun taking photos and she is definitely our go to for all our photography needs.